Use the menu to zoom in to set locations. Or you can simply double-click to zoom in, or scroll up and down with your mouse (just like Google Maps). Click and drag on the screen to move the map around and see more markers - particularly important if you are in portrait mode. The set menu locations require further zooming by hand (sometimes as far as the map can go) in order to see distinct trees that are very close to each other.

Toggle the menu open and shut to see trees hiding behind it.
Trees are only within the Scenic Rim area. Tree:Mails: Scenic Rim is an interactive map that allows viewers to send emails to specific trees within the Scenic Rim area. It is an evolving art project developed by new media artist Alinta Krauth intended for use across all digital literacy levels, from all device types. Alinta has created algorythms particular to each tree that allow it to make the decision to respond to emails, and allows it to make decisions on what to say in each email. Thus, while Tree:Mails hopes to engage the public with the environment in a different (and digital) way, it is also an experiment in crossing creative writing with AI.

As all GPS tagged trees are on public land, Tree:Mails is great way for locals and visitors to the Scenic Rim to engage with the local flora not just online, but on the ground by following the trail and visiting the tagged trees. If you love trees, use this website to email them your thoughts, hopes, concerns, and memories - particularly those memories that may involve the trees of the Scenic Rim. If you are lucky, your chosen tree will respond to you. You can also use this map to read small stories and basic information about each tree, and contribute your own via emailing that tree.There are currently 121 markers for 170+ trees in Tree:Mails: Scenic Rim.




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